• 15 days MIN 2 US$4680

    15 Day Trekking in the Everest Region

    For many tourists the world highest peak Mt. Everest is a dream. This highest peak can attract countless of mountain climbers and tourists. Every year thousands people from different countries and religions pay they interesting to climb and visit for this Mt. This is most meaningful and strong challenge for highest altitude and worst clime conditions tour. 

  • 15 days MIN 2 US$4570

    15 Day Lhasa to Gyelthang

    Day Lhasa to Gyelthang(Shangrila)via Tsedang. This itinerary is an interesting combination of various landscapes and cultural highlights. Starting with the holy city of Lhasa you will travel to the cradle of Tibetan history, Tsedang and then overland trough some of the most beautiful areas of the Tibetan Plateau.