Da Tso

Being born and raised up in Northern Tibet (Chang tang, nomadic region), Da Tso is really a humble and well experienced local tour guide, she is always ready to offer you to experience the hospitality of Tibetan people with her warm heartedness.

Lobsang Choepel

As the son of a nomad family I was born in 1969 in Pelgon County near Namtso Lake. Due to my life in distant grasslands I was not able to go to school. Instead, I had to herd animals when I was young. I was full of dreams, however, and eventually decided to live up to some of them. In 1990 I went abroad to study English, coming back three years later. Since 1995 I work as tour guide and love it ever since. 2009 I finally obtained the national guide license which gives me more job opportunities. In all those years working with foreign groups and individuals I have learned a lot about my own culture and history, but also about people from other countries. When I look back to how my life has changed from that of a young nomad to a tourist guide now living in Lhasa, I feel grateful and happy. But I am also proud of my family background, and that I know about the hardship of their life. What I really like about my work is that because of my personal life experiences I am able to give my customers insight into the different ways of life in Tibet.


I have been employed as a tour guide in Tibet for more than 20 years, and the last 10 years I have worked for Khadak International Travel Service. And still, my job has remained interesting, sometimes even exciting, but never boring. I enjoy traveling very much, and I love my home, my people and my culture. In all those years I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, but my strong opinion is that life is a constant learning process. That this is true for me I feel at many occasions: even after many visits to a place, I always find something new to be discovered. And it goes without saying that I welcome all my customers to be part of my new and old discoveries.


I was born in 1979 in Gyantse in Tibet. From 1999 to 2001 I had worked as a receptionist at the Gyantse Hotel, and in 2003 I still graduated from college. I was always a curious person and wanted to see and learn more about people. In 2003 I had the unique opportunity to work for a Himalayan expedition. This changed my life as I worked as a tour guide since then. In 2004 I obtained the national tour guide license. Now I am happy to share an exciting and interesting life with my customers from all over the world.


Born in 1979, I completed my school education at the age of 20. I was always eager to travel and was furthermore interested in foreign culture and to work with people. The work as a tour guide seemed to be the perfect combination for me. After some years of experience as a certified local guide, I also received the Chinese international guide certificate. 
In 2006 I joined Tibet Khadak International Travel Service. What I like the most with my work here are the encounters with our interesting and open-minded customers and the special tour itineraries we arrange for them. I love the expedition tours to the magnificent Himalayan mountains and our hiking tours through Tibet’s unforgettable nature. But also the city tours to holy Lhasa offer me the opportunity to share our fascinating culture and belief with my clients. Thus, one of my dreams became true: that, by sharing my culture with people from all over the world, I can learn from them, from their culture and I become part of the world.

Pasang Topgyal

I was born in Gyantse in the heart of southern Tibet. Although I never experienced a formal school education – due to my family background – I was always driven by my desire to learn and improve my skills and by my love for nature and traveling. After years of working as a tour guide, traveling all over the Tibetan plateau, and my employment as a research assistant I joined some friends to establish our own travel company. Thus, Tibet Khadak International Travel Service was born and eventually made one of my dreams becoming true. I am more than happy to share my profound knowledge of the Tibetan Plateau with you. Whether you decide to design your own itinerary or to choose one of our readymade tours, I will always try to arrange the little bit more that will make your travel to Tibet a unique experience.

Tsedan Yangkyi 

Lhasa, Tibet’s capital city, is my birthplace. In 1983 I graduated in English from the Beijing Second Foreign Language School. During the following ten years I worked as a tour guide and thus had the opportunity to follow one of my passions: to travel and to show the beautiful nature and interesting culture of Tibet to customers from all over the world.
During that time I did not only learn a lot about my own culture and people but also about my foreign customers, their dreams and hopes when coming to Tibet. Meanwhile, I also work in the sales and marketing department where I can profit by my rich working experience.

Yong Hong (Tenzin Choeyang)

Born in Gyantse, Tibet’s most charming old town, I graduated from the “School of Tourism” of Sichuan University in Chengdu in 1980. At that time tourism in Tibet was still in its infancy, and so I was happy to be employed in tourism management in 1990. Since then I have worked in this field and therefore gained a lot of experience in it. Besides my interesting and challenging management tasks I also love to elaborate and arrange tour itineraries. I am glad that more and more people decide to visit my beautiful home on the Roof of the World, and I am looking forward to help with all the arrangements so that your trip will become truly unforgettable.