Tibetan buddhist story telling: Lama Mani is a wandering Buddhist storyteller, who tells stories based on ethical codes of conduct. They explain moral concept of karma and encourage compassion for all living beings.

The lama manis have been historically of commonplace beginning and served a non secular feature. They traveled round Tibet carrying small shrines and sets of thangkas, that are traditional scrolls painted with non secular issues.

The testimonies the lama manis told have been based at the artwork and served a two purposes. They provided amusement and knowledgeable the audience about the symbolism and meanings of the artwork and, via them, the traditional Tibetan Buddhist ideas and legends. whole villages might accumulate to pay attention those testimonies, specially at some point of the holy month of the Buddha’s start, regularly chanting religious mantras together.

When you will visit Tibet. Especially during the Yogurt festival, you will see Lama Mani either in Drepung Monastery or Norbulingka.

The narrator in the photo is one of few remaining performances of this ancient art. Read about History of Tibet Here

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