Day 1

Activities: Arrival to Lhasa by Train/Air.

Day 2

Activities: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor.

After breakfast, Visiting one of the most charismatic structure ever built in Tibet, the Potala Palace, winter residence for the successive Dalai Lamas. It is an awe-inspiring experience. Venture up the Potala Palace and explore the grandest of its myriad rooms. See the jeweled burial chortens of the past Dalai Lamas as well as statuary and frescoes. Later visit the Jokhang , Tibet’s holiest temple; and wander through the Barkhor, Lhasa’s old market. Overnight at hotel in Lhasa.

Day 3

Activities: Drak Yerpa Hermitage, Norbu Linkha.

Drak Yerpa Hermitage (4400m) is a mountain retreat endowed with remarkable spiritual power situated about 30km northeast of Lhasa, it’s fascinating to drive on the paved road and make a turn into the Yerpa Valley, start trekking on the mountain retreat around 2 hours, the trip included visiting many small caves and chapels with Tibetan pilgrim, walking around the valley and then topped off with a delicious lunch Barbecue on an open lawn with amazing scenery of mountainous valley, during which everyone will participate in Barbecuing. The green natural environment was a great relaxing escape from the city- a breath of fresh air! In the afternoon, go for a pleasant visit to the summer Palace of the Dalai Lamas, Norbu Lingkha. Overnight at hotel in Lhasa.

Day 4

Activities: Namtso Lake, Tashi Do Island, Yangpachen Hot Springs.

On the fourth day, you will depart Lhasa early and start driving to Namtso, the largest lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region, the second largest saltwater lake in China and one of the most beautiful natural sights in Tibet. It’s over 70km long, the lake is a miraculous shade of turquoise and there are magnificent views of the nearby mountains, especially Nyenchen Thangla range, with peaks over 7000m, towers over the lake to the south. A short walk along the lake to the Tashi Do small island is a must do for all visitors; there are a couple of small caves like temple along circumambulation around the Tashi Do. Your guide will lead you for a nomad family visit during this trip, where you will participate in milking & other animal husbandry activities. After spending your days around the lake, we will drive to Yangpachen geothermal hot spring, the famous hot spring lies on the southern slope of the Nyenchen Tangla Mountains some 90km to Lhasa, where you can easy yourself from the long drive by bathing in the hot spring. Overnight at Yangpachen Hot Spring Hotel.

Day 5

Activities: Return to Lhasa, Sanggye Tongku Rock carvings, Yak Museum.

After breakfast, return to Lhasa, and visit Sanggye Tongku Rock carving Buddha image. This hidden corner of Lhasa features over 5000 painted rock carvings, centered on a huge image of longevity Buddha, Tsepakme that were created on the back side of Chagpori hill over the course of thousand years. This place is one of the Lhasa’s real gems, where you can have some understanding of how devoted Tibetan Buddhist, practice their daily ritual, which involve a lot of prostration and recitation of mantra. Afterwards, drive to Nyew town, a thriving new town to the southern suburb of the city, to visit the world first Yak Museum, opens in 2014, the museum is dedicated to the Yak, it covers over 8,000 square kilometers with primary mission of celebrating the “spirit of Yaks.” There are three exhibition halls focusing on a particular theme. Features yaks in Science and Nature, Humanity and History, and Arit and Spirit. Overnight at hotel in Lhasa.

Day 6

Activities: Transfer to airport for following destination.

Transfer to airport for following destination.