• 09 days 4-20 US$1280

    August 2023: Shoton Festival & Everest

    Lhasa Shoton festival Tour (Yogurt Festival),Watch Buddha Thanka Exhibition in Drepung Monastery and Tibetan Opera in Norbulingka.


  • 7 days MIN 2 1460 USD

    07 Day Gyantse Damak Festival

    Gyantse Damak Festival tourTraveling in Tibet around June, Gyantse Damak Festival is a key attraction to experience. This festival is held in the fourth month of Tibetan calendar( or June in solar calender) and it can be accessed easily, by travelling on the well-known Gyangtse-Shigatse loop during which you can join the Damak Festival, and enjoy  the entertaining horse racing, and archery performance and other  events as well .